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How many liters do you need?

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Introduction: Dry bags can be essential for outdoor activities when you want to protect your belongings against water. It can be difficult to choose the right size for your needs, especially with so many sizes available. This blog post will give you a guide that can help you select the right liter size of your dry bag. Let’s get started!


1. Consider the Purpose.

A small bag with a capacity of 5-10 liters will be sufficient for a day trip, or if you need to carry personal items like your wallet, phone, keys, snacks and first aid kit. These sizes can also be used to organize smaller items inside larger bags.

A medium-sized drybag in the range 15-30 liters is ideal for longer trips or overnight adventures where you will need to pack clothing and a sleeping bag as well as other essentials. This size allows you to fit enough for two days’ worth of essentials without being bulky.

A larger dry bag, in the 40-60 liter range, is ideal for longer trips, carrying larger gear, such as wetsuits or camping equipment. It can also be used to store multiple days of supplies. These bags are large enough to hold all your gear while remaining portable.


2. Assess the Activities

You should consider the outdoor activities that you will be doing. The equipment and gear required for different activities can vary. Here are some examples:

A medium-sized bag of between 15 and 30 liters is ideal for kayaking, stand up paddling, canoeing or boating. It will keep your essentials dry on water-based excursions.

A larger dry bag, in the range 30-60 liters, would be ideal for your fishing gear, hunting equipment and extra clothing.

Choose a bag size that is appropriate for your duration. A dry bag that is 20-40 liters in size can hold all your camping equipment, clothing and other essentials.

Consider a dry bag that has a 40-liter capacity or greater to fit your wet gear as well as additional equipment.


3. Flexibility and Organization

Consider the organization and flexibility of your dry bag. Many people like to organize and compartmentalize their belongings by using multiple small dry bags. This makes it easy to access your belongings and protects them from getting wet if a bag does.

If you want to allow for future expansion or extra space to accommodate unexpected items, you should choose a size slightly larger than what you originally thought you would need. This gives you flexibility and avoids the need for an extra dry bag.

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How to Choose the Best Dry Bag

The size of your dry bag will depend on the activities you plan to do, as well as your preferences and needs. You can select the right liter size dry bag by assessing your activities, the purpose of the bag, and the amount of flexibility you need. It’s better to have some extra room than not enough when you really need it. Your belongings will be safe and dry inside your dry bag, so you can enjoy your outdoor adventures.


We now offer Customized Dry Bags

Drybagtw’s custom manufacturing facility offers a wide range of high-quality dry bag products. drybagtw dry bag products are described below:

How much litres do you need to carry? How to Select the Right Dry Bag Size

Product Features

  • All dry bags are made of premium waterproof fabrics such as TPU or PVC, which provides excellent waterproof performance. These materials have received special treatment to ensure durability and water resistance.
  • Customized Design – To suit the individual needs of our customers, we provide options to customize logo, color and size. Customers can choose an image that best matches their brand and preferences.
  • High-frequency Technology: Using high-frequency technology, our dry bags are waterproofed. This is the most reliable and durable method of preventing water penetration.
  • Roll-top Closure: Reliable, efficient. Easy to use design that prevents water entering the inner compartment of the bag. This design also creates a handle that can be used to carry or attach the dry bag to another bag.


Handles and Shoulder straps are removable. This makes it easy to transport the bags. Users can choose between the handles and shoulder straps, depending on their requirements.

Multi-Size: Our dry bag comes in sizes from 5 to 100 Liters. This allows us the flexibility to accommodate a wide range of activities and situations. We offer the perfect size to suit different activities like fishing, boating and kayaking



The dry bags we offer can be used to carry out a wide range of outdoor activities such as hiking, camping and many others.

Keep your fishing equipment dry, clean, and protected.

You should protect your items from getting wet when you are kayaking, rafting, or boating.

Camping and hiking: Make sure clothing, sleeping bag and other essentials stay dry.

If you enjoy water sports, such as surfing, kayaking or sailing, it is important to protect valuable items.

Traveling: Protect your luggage especially when you are in a wet or rainy area.

Travelling by motorcycle? Keep your luggage safe and dry.

While hiking or camping, be sure to keep clothing, food, equipment and other items dry.

Protecting your belongings from sand and water erosion.

Dry bags will keep you dry and protected from the rain or snow during a variety outdoor activities.


Not only are our dry bags waterproof and durable but they can also be customized to suit the specific needs of each customer. Our dry bags can be used as outdoor gear or promotional gifts.