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A friend, some time ago, complained constantly about work problems, and the whole person felt a sense of depression. Seeing him again recently, I noticed that his mental state has changed, and his eyes no longer have the turbid feeling.

I teased him about something good that happened recently. He stunned and said, nothing is wrong.

“How do you feel like you’ve been refreshed recently?” I asked.

“It’s nothing, just last week, I thought that worrying about work all day was not the way to go. I followed my athletic cousin to run and play. I’ve been running for a few days in a row, and now I feel better and work. I want to drive. ”

Some people always say that every day when I commute to work, where I still have time and energy to exercise, I just lie down on the sofa when I go home, so tired that I don’t want to move. But the reason why a person really lacks energy may be precisely lack of exercise.

The more busy I am, the more I should exercise. Running heartily, dancing, playing a ball, the fatigue of the whole person will be swept away. Even if you return to the office to face work, the depression will be relieved a lot.

No wonder some people say that exercise is the cure for everything.

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The Greek saying goes: the best doctors for human beings are air, sunlight, and sports.

It’s true that often I can see some mentally old people who insist on morning exercises every morning. They either dance Tai Chi, jump rope, kick, or jog and climb the mountain. They are more energetic than young, but always listless, yawning office workers.

Every night, the square dance starts with the rhythm. Many dancing people said that they didn’t like to jump at first, but when they really tried it, they found that moving the body would make them more comfortable, and they would have fewer minor problems like colds and coughs.

Some people say that the health of the body is destroyed because of immobility, and it is maintained for a long time due to exercise. Exercise can strengthen one’s physique and forge one’s figure. The more often you exercise, the healthier your body and the younger you look.

I have seen a person’s “transformation” story before. There was a boy who was weak and sick from an early age because of his constitution. After years of training, he not only got rid of the image of asthma, became healthy, but also made great achievements in his career.

Recalling his growth experience, he said, “Exercise doesn’t make me better, but it gives me more opportunities. Although exercising for half an hour or an hour a day, it doesn’t make any difference right now. But over time, you will find that you have a strong heart and that people will become happier. ”

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People who have more exercise habits will find that the pride that spontaneously occurs after exercise can remove all the depression and purify the inner garbage feelings.

An exercise is like a “detoxification”. It exhausts the negative energy of the body and emotions, and redeems the soul and spirit that are gradually tired.

Many people know that sports are important, but they just can’t do it.

Actually, exercise is really simple. You just need to move and make no excuses for yourself. Even 5 minutes or 10 minutes is closer to the state you want than sitting or lying down.

Go to exercise. Life lies in movement. Life is more than movement.

Post time: Dec-26-2019