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Our passionate trekking designers have created this sleeping bag to sleep comfortably in temperatures above or equal to 0°C.

  • Fabric: Terylene
  • Filling: Hollow Cotton
  • Size: 230*80*50 CM
  • Weight: 1700g
  • Color: BlueOrangeBlack
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    An all-around down bag for damp weather, the water-resistant sleeping bag has all the functional appointments of a sleeping bag built to generate a comfortable night out, even when you can’t see the stars.

    Mummy-style sleeping bags are suitable for lower temperature places, because their close-fitting tailoring can completely cover the whole person. Even the head can be taken care of, with a human-shaped hood. Keep the locked space, the design makes the space inside the sleeping bag smaller than the envelope type sleeping bag, just like the principle of dressing, less space can limit the loss of heat to a limited extent, and give full play to the warmth effect.

    Water-Resistance in Wet Conditions
    Anatomical Footbox Increases Insulation and Room for Your Feet, More Warmth, and Comfort
    Full Length Locking YKK Two Way Zipper with Anti-Snag Slider reduces fabric snagging
    Nautilus Multi-Baffle Hood
    Snagless Insulated Draft Tube
    Ground-Level Side Seams
    Hood Draw Cord
    Zipper Garage
    Stretch Tricot Baffles
    Two Hang Loops
    Stuff and Storage Sack Included

    One Left sleeping bag can conbination with a right sleeping bag. Very suit for Lovers, couples, friends .



    The sleeping bag is used in the wild environment, it is inevitable that it will be very dirty, and it will trouble many novice campers how to clean it. The utility model can be washed by a washing machine, and the following precautions for cleaning the sleeping bag.

    Tips for cleaning sleeping bags:

    1. Zipper the sleeping bag, squeeze out the air, and put it in the laundry bag

    2. Do not wash other clothes or down clothing together

    3. The lowest speed washing and dehydration program using the washing machine

    4. Use neutral laundry detergent or special cleaner

    5. Put it in a ventilated and cool place to hang and dry. During the drying period, you can pat the entire sleeping bag from time to time, so that the inner down distribution is more even, until the sleeping bag is completely dry.

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