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Keep it inside your pack and away from hard edges and corners.


Good water protection for use inside a pack

Best Use

Backpacking, Hiking & Bike Packing

  • Capacity: 5L/10L/15L/20L/30L/40L
  • Material: PVC
  • Color: Custom available
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    This Dry Sack is also super durable and easy to wipe clean, meaning it can take a bit of a beating. A fully adjustable and removable strap means you can carry this bag hands-free while loading your craft or bringing your stuff to the beach.


    This is the most commonly used waterproof bag. I have friends who do not play with water to buy and travel to store clothes. It can be seen that its use is very wide. Because the design is very simple, you only need to pay attention to whether you are thick or not. Used to go to the beach, place replacement clothes or put on wet shirt after playing, the effect is first-class.

    Use tips
    Two waterproof bags are always more effective than one, because if one of them gets into the water, the other can still continue to play a waterproof function
    Different waterproof bags have different uses and should be targeted for use. For example, the phone can be placed in a clip-on transparent waterproof bag, and the clothes can be stored in a simple roll-up waterproof bag.
    Old and even holed waterproof bags still have their use value. They can be used as abrasion-resistant layers of waterproof bags, because even thin waterproof bags are relatively easy to be hooked even if they are completely waterproof, and an additional protective layer is naturally safer.

    Misunderstandings about waterproof bags
    Many users will mistakenly use the waterproof bag, thinking that the air in the memory can be forced to achieve the ideal waterproof effect. In fact, when using the reel-type waterproof bag, it is necessary to maintain an appropriate amount of air in the bag to help seal the reel. And once dropped into the water, it also has enough buoyancy to not be lost.

    In addition, except for special-purpose waterproof bags, general waterproof bags are not suitable for underwater use, because even if the water depth is only one meter, the water pressure can force the waterproof bag into the water, so try to keep the waterproof bag on the water surface.


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